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Events that are not Section specific – Contact the District Commissioner

Is something burning?

We have had several reports recently of different groups in Eastleigh visiting the Fire Brigade. Of the photos we have seen, this is perhaps the funniest!



Despite a a few comments, rumours that this was for the next cooking competition proved untrue…

have you been on a trip recently? Do you have a few pictures we could use to tell people what we have been up to? Get in touch and we could tell your story.


Cotswold Marathon 2014

Are you up for a serious walking challenge? You are? Great….you will want to take a look at this.

The Cotswold Marathon is a winter night hike around Gloucester and over the Cotswold Hills. There are 3 routes :- Bronze 12miles, Silver 18miles and Gold 36miles. There is a maximum time limit of 7, 9 and 18 hours respectively. The Marathon is over varying terrain making it necessary for team members to have a good knowledge of mapping and orienteering.

Eastleigh Explorers have completed in previous events, and have taken on the challenge of the full 36 miles Gold route.

Next February, Eastleigh Explorers want to enter teams in both the 18 (Silver) and 36 (Gold) routes.

You will need to complete a series of training hikes (you can see those details in the calendar – you can also import these to your own calendar to remind you) where you will learn the navigational skills and teamwork required to complete the challenge.

If this sounds like the sort of challenge you would be interested in, download the flier that has a lot more details, and get in touch with Phil Hallett (DESC)


A new Events Calendar

We have built a new Calendar function on our website – as new events are added, you should see them arrive here on the front page, or you can see all the events in a single page.

If you have an event that you want to open up to the District, then email with all the details.