This page brings together some of the documentation that is used by the District. If you think more should be added here contact with your request

Supporting Scout Teenagers in Eastleigh (Jan-2011)

This document details the agreements arranged between the Groups and the District on the management and support of the Explorer Scout Section

District Directory : Updates

A copy of the directory has been sent to all email addresses listed in the District Directory, including the County Office, but excluding the National contacts listed.

If you have not received a copy, but believe that you should have done, please email webmaster to request a copy.

We are sorry to tell you that if you are not an Adult Member of the District who is listed in the Directory, we will not give you access to the Directory. If you wish to contact anyone in the District, but do not have their contact details, please contact us using any of the details listed on our Contact Page

2010 District Strategy and Adult Recruitment Slides

Here are the slides shown at the meeting unveiling the District Strategy and Adult Recruitment event.

Feel free to download these slides to share amongst the other members of your Group.

District Expenses Claim Form (added 17/Jan/2010)

Once completed, send to District Treasurer – details are published in the Directory.