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The information prior to 2000 below was provided by Mike Clements, the then GSL, at a District Meeting in January 1995. The later additions have been added by the current Group Scout Leader. If you have information to add about the group, then click here to tell us about it.


First census form for the Eastleigh & Bishopstoke Association showed 7 troops:

Eastleigh 1, 2 & Loco 3; Bishopstoke 1; Hursley 1; Otterbourne 1 and Chandler’s Ford 1

1910Information from a Mr. Jim Penny showed that meetings were held at the Brick Kilns on the Longmead Estate on Saturday afternoons. Jim Penny went on to become the first King’s Scout in the group in 1912

1928A new troop is registered in Bishopstoke. Registration date: 14th Feburary 1928, registration number 18108.

Scout Master: G. W. Walsh

Cub Master: T. J. Griffin

1931Records show the the Group Scout Master was a Rev. O.D.E Blogue.

The group had a Drum Band until the War

1939-1945During the war, Scouting in Bishopstoke was kept alive by the Rover Scout Leader, R.G. Garner. The 1943 census showed 3 scouts on the books.

1945A new troop (2nd Bishopstoke) was started.

Group Scout Master: L.E. Barnwell

1946A Rover Crew was formed by Mr Eric Cousins

1947Two troops amalgamated and became (1st Bishopstoke). A new HQ was opened on the 8th November 1947, in Longmead Avenue (now West Drive) on land donated by Frank Dibben in memory of their son killed in action.

1949Les Parker took on the role of Scout Master

1950’sThe Cousens family were heavily involved with the group as Group Scout Master, Rover Scout leader, Cub Master and Assistant Cub Master

1965Cub Master: Enid Moore

Scout Master: John Dubber

Senior Scout Leader: Don Dell

1967October: Headquarters which had recently been renovated was virutally destroyed by an 80ft Beech tree falling across it. Luckily the Scouts, under the leadership of Scout Master Mike Clements, were at a Halloween party with the Guides further down the road.

1968Having just completed rebuilding the Headquarters, it was destroyed by fire. Children had broken into a sidebuilding and lit stored paper used fro fund-raising.

This was a low period for the boys and leaders, who were holding their meetings in the Methodist Church. The group later moved to the Church Hall as numbers started to grow again.

1970Ken Smith was persuaded to become Group Scout Leader .

Capitation for the year was 10/-

1970-1974The group struggled to raised funds with limited accomodation and leaders having to double up. Ken Smith was taking the role of GSL and CSL, with Mike being SL and VSL.

Numbers reached an all time low of 34 in the 1974 census.

1974Work started on the Headquarters

1975This year’s AGM was held in the new building shell.

Stoke Park Venture unit formed.

1977Satrted a second Cub Pack. ‘Stoke’ was formed with Ron Wrankmore as Cub Scout Leader.

1979Ken Smith managed to return to just the one job, when Peter Martin agreed to become CSL of Bishop Pack.

1981Mike Clements finally down to ione job when the Venture Unit goes mixed with leaders Graham Hatton and Barbara Glue.

Group numbers continued to grow to over 100.

1984This was an important year for the group with Bishopsotke celebrating 75 years of Scouting. A special badge was produced and events filled a week in May, culminating in a parade through Bishopstoke to a Thanksgiving service at St. Mary’s church on the Sunday afternoon.

At the end of the year, Ken Smith moved otno to greate things, and Mike Clements becmae GSL. John Barnes became Scout Leader.

1985Spring 1985 saw the start of the Beaver Colony led by Jane Fisher.

1987Dave Wheable took on the Scout Leader role, and Samantha Dawkins became Beaver Leader.

During the winter, stage 2 of the HQ. was completed. This consisted of a toilet and a store. At last, an inside Loo!

1988This year saw a lot of leader changes and an additional Beaver colony. The Beaver leaders were Sue Cartwright and Sue Toar.

Ron Wrankmore moved to AGSL, Wayne Cheshire took on Stok Pack and Philip Candy became SL

1989Further ldeader changes in this year:

Beaver Leader: Julia Bancroft

Beaver Leader: Carol Day

Bishop Pack CSL: Joan Williams.

1990This was a bad year for leader resignations, with the group having to combine Beaver Colonies and Cub Packs. The Beavers fell to Julia Bancroft to run and the Cubs to Joan Williams.

Philip Candy had to double up and became VSL along with Deborah Clements, whilst he still retained his SL position.

1993One of the worst years for Leader Problems, with Joan Williams and Hazel Daniles leaving, and the death of Bill Waghorn. The Cubs were left at a great disadvantage with Edna and Stewart Waghorn and Dave Carpentet stuggling to maintain the pack.

1994/95The future is looking brighter – the group are now over the hurdle and will soon be looking to re-open the Venture Scout Unit.

2000David McGregor takes over as GSL.

£400 is donated by Eastleigh Borough Council for improvements in the Millenium Year.

Census figures showed a total of over 55 young members.