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Adult Leader Awards - Congratulations
31/03/2021 By Web Master


Adult Leader Awards, awarded in March 2021


Congratulations and well done to all our volunteers!


5 year Long Service Award

Adam Cummings (13th Eastleigh)

Alexander Reeve (8th Eastleigh)

Andrew Kayley (8th Eastleigh)

Keren Gething (12th Eastleigh)

Rachel Lloyd (4th Eastleigh)


10 year Long Service Award

Adrian Clark (14th Eastleigh)

Angela Woodford (1st Eastleigh)

Bradley Hill (14th Eastleigh)

Charlotte Lewis (4th Eastleigh)

Colin Thompson (14th Eastleigh)

Helen Thompson (14th Eastleigh)

John Elton (1st Eastleigh)

Phil Harding (4th Eastleigh)


25 year Long Service Award

Sarah Waghorn (12th Easleigh)


30 year Long Service Award

Robert Ball (8th Eastleigh)


50 year Long Service Award

Ian Cole (14th Eastleigh)


The Award of Merit

Robert Ball (8th Eastleigh)

Hannah Shafford (1st Eastleigh)

John Edwards (District)

Neil Abrham (8th Eastleigh)

Peter Rawlinson (RocknRoll)

Phil Harding (4th Eastleigh)

Sharon Clark (14th Eastleigh)


The Bar to the Award of Merit

Sarah Waghorn (12th Eastleigh)


The Silver Acorn

Teresa Jacobs (1st Eastleigh)





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