We’ve been to the Zoo…

On Saturday 4th October the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from the 7th Eastleigh had a group visit to Marwell Zoo.


The day didn’t get off to the greatest of starts as when everyone started too arrive in the car park it started to rain but being scouts we were prepared for anything and we carried on regardless. Luckily by 1pm it brightened up and the sun was shining and we had some very happy scouts.


On the day we were very luck as all of the animals were out and entertaining us.


One of the highlights of the day was being able to invest two of our newest members of our cub pack in to the group by doing there investitures, while being watched by the monkey’s and reptiles in Marwell’s Fur, Feathers and Scales exhibit.


Some of the most favourite animals that the group liked the most were the meerkats, rhino’s, snow leopards, cheetahs, penguins, tigers and not forgetting being able to see a 2 month old Amur leopard cub.

easten_by_a_sharkIt was a really enjoyable day for everyone involved and all participants left with a big smile on their faces, despite the wet start, but who cares about that.

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Many thanks to Andrew Dear from the 7th Eastleigh for sending this in.

If you have a trip out anywhere, let us know about it. You can send in photos, videos or just a few words about what you got up to. Send it to Webmaster@eastleigh-scouts.org.uk


Sponsored ‘Cycle 4all’ Ride

Cycles 4all is run by a team of volunteers for disabled young people. At Eastleigh’s Pavilion on the Park, it provides 22 differently designed cycles to enable those with disabilities to enjoy the fresh air and benefit from cycling. Over 500 different young people take part every year during multiple sessions. Cycles 4all is supported by Children in Need.

The task is for all Groups, Explorers, Network and Scout Active Support Unit to send at least 5 YOUNG members each to take part in a sponsored cycle, using the bikes on site. Because of cycle sizes, this task is most suitable for those Scout age and above. Smaller Beavers/Cubs could be passengers on some of the cycles. The route will be off road on Fleming Park pathways, and can be for a distance of choice depending on time. Neckerchiefs must be worn by all so they show up on TV. There is no minimum sponsorship**. More mature (!) leaders and supporters can of course take part, but the BBC’s focus is on YOUNG PEOPLE.

BBC have confirmed that they WILL be sending a film crew between 10.00 and 11.00 on the 8th, and it is likely that the official Pudsey will also show up. This is a chance for Eastleigh District to work together, raise funds for an excellent cause, and be seen on BBC South (and maybe National TV during the CinN evening on the 14th). We know this is short notice, but it’s too good a chance to miss – and only came our way in the last week!

This will take place whatever the weather, though we might have to get the bikes out, and then wipe them down at the end if it’s raining There are 22 bikes for the disabled and some usual road bikes. Cycle helmets will be provided, but bringing your own would help. This will be a normal session for those with disabilities and their carers, so we won’t always have 22 bikes available. We ask that the designated leader in charge books a 20/30 minute slot, bearing in mind we want everyone there between 10.00 and 11.00. It would help if we could have numbers by October 30th so we know if we have enough to make this a good showing for Eastleigh.

Can Groups/Units appoint a designated adult to attend with their young people (where applicable) and let me know who this is / contact details. Can you also let me know by October 30th how many youngsters and how many adults will be actually taking part. The designated leader will be responsible for collecting your money on the day and passing to me.

Poster: ChildrenInNeed

Sponsor Form: CiN Sponsor Form

Contact me on rob@4theastleigh.co.uk as soon as you can. Many Thanks.

Is something burning?

We have had several reports recently of different groups in Eastleigh visiting the Fire Brigade. Of the photos we have seen, this is perhaps the funniest!



Despite a a few comments, rumours that this was for the next cooking competition proved untrue…

have you been on a trip recently? Do you have a few pictures we could use to tell people what we have been up to? Get in touch and we could tell your story.